Backlinks and Referrals: 5 Important Types of Links to Improve your results in SEO

When you share your website’s content on other sites, you’re asking those people to vote for your site with their backlinks. Links from these websites can tell search engines that your articles are credible, useful and worth reading. As you receive more “votes”, the higher your site will rank in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Introducing backlinks in a search engine’s algorithm is a really old concept, but among the most important factors for grading the credibility of any source. Once you understand the different types of available backlinks, you can begin to work on ways to have others link to your site to help your site’s ranking.

Having an editorial description containing a link to your site is the perfect backlink. Make sure the content is relevant and high-quality to create a lasting impression with readers. Typically editorial backlinks are formed when your content such as an article or infographic is sourced elsewhere, a business representative is quoted, or when your site is featured in a series of links that pertain to a specific topic.

How do you get Editorial Backlinks?

To acquire editorial backlinks, create evergreen content establishing your position as a thought leader and planting your site and brand as a go-to destination for interviews and industry expertise. Write content that has the potential to go viral or alternatively a subject that captivates an audience quickly. This can be anything from listicles, Reddit AMAs, or memes that connect to another source of information on your pages.

When sending guest articles to established websites, attaching an editorial hyperlink to your site is often viable. Guest blogging outreach should be a big part of almost any SEO plan.

How do you get Guest Blogging Backlinks?

You should try to find high-quality sites for these opportunities and connect with the site owners directly to partner on sharing your articles to help grow your audience as well as improving your SEO rank.

Social networks geared towards business like Linkedin are a useful way to create backlinks to your website and establish credibility. Other sites such as business aggregators, business listings, and industry directories can be a helpful way to connect to your website. Search engines see these listings as evidence a site has been around for a long time.

How do you get Backlinks into Business Profiles?

Register your backlinks on sites such as Linkedin or to have your website to appear on credible sources.

Webinars or podcasts (and their recordings) provide useful information for sites to link to including the backstory for content. Websites, such as Youtube or Vimeo, often host webinars on their pages due to their wide reach of regular visitors and the content descriptions can link to your company and mention what your company does. You can use backlinks in webinars or podcasts similar to how guest blogs are used in promoting your content.

How do you get Backlinks on Webinars or Podcasts?

Although there is a substantial amount of work, webinars and podcasts can be used as useful references that can be pieced to build content specific to singular topics and bite-sized learning points for readers. Similar to guest blogs, you can be a guest on a podcast where the host could share your website and related links to your content.

Giving up a great tool for free is an effective way to gain attention and backlinks, which can contribute significantly to long-term influence on SEO. Simple tools such as a cost calculator, lists of useful resources to help people in your business, or giving away a free version of a commercial app. To generate backlinks, market the tool with sites that have a similar readership to yours (such as Reddit, Instagram, or TikTok to name a few).

How do you get Backlinks on free tools?

Begin by sharing the tool with a link in forums related to the subject matter and offering incentive for others to use it (Share the Value Proposition and why users would benefit from the tool). As you address readers’ needs for what the tool should do, you can offer the premium version of the tool (if applicable) as a selling point or improve it according to the community’s needs.

Backlinks are an effective way to help build your web presence as they begin to extend to other areas of the web for similar audiences. If your content is geared towards sports, food, technology or other subjects, your content will spread as you make an effort to put it in front of the right readers. To learn more about how to develop your web presence, see how EV Advisory recommends you build your web presence and how we help businesses like yours grow online with data-first strategy.