Analytics Limitations: What you Can Do To Mitigate Issues

Web analytics tools have become an essential part of any business or website, providing valuable insights into how users interact with a website and how it can be improved. However, it’s important to remember that these tools do have limitations and may not tell you everything you need to know about your website’s performance.

What Analytics Tools: What they offer ✔

Web analytics tools offer a wide range of features to help businesses and website owners understand user behavior. Here are some of the most common features that they will include:

These features provide valuable insights into how users interact with a website, but it is important to remember that they are not the only metrics that matter.

What are They Not Telling You? ❌

Let’s cut to the chase. A few of the things the tools are not telling you are:

Although it might not matter in some circumstances, knowing why certain things are happening can be helpful when launching future marketing campaigns or when you plan to redesign an aspect of your website.

Designing Experiments to Fill in the Gaps

To gain a more complete understanding of website performance, it’s helpful to design experiments that fill in the gaps left by web analytics tools. This is where data science begins and is complemented by business intuition about what is helping or hurting your website.

Here are a few ways to do experiements you can launch today:

As web analytics tools can provide insight about what you’re doing well or not so well, the reason “why” can still remain a mystery. Instead of relying exclusively on the results you get in a dashboard, conducting small experiments can help answer the questions you might still have.

Our experts at EV Advisory can help you structure and design the experiments that are appropriate for your business. Connect with us to get further insights about your analytics suite and how you can improve your results